The series of 3 animations was made in response to

the global covid-19 pandemic.


The animations were titled ‘Blowing in upon us’,

Solace and solitude’ and ‘Sometimes windows talk’. 


They were quirky, playful responses to the pandemic with the intention to give a motion effect to otherwise static work. At the start of the Pandemic many galleries closed and moved to the internet for an online audience. The work was created for a digital pop up gallery in which various artists were invited to contribute for a solely digital exhibition.

Blown in upon us– was the first of the series, expressing the sudden awareness of what and how a pandemic may affect us- air and space around us. The immediacy of action and the visual depiction of a virus blowing through and spreading at such a rapid rate.

Solace and solitude– responded to the lockdown measures of South Africa, met with swift and many harsh rules; including the ban travel both international and regional, alcohol, cigarettes and curfew times. This shift in routen negatively affected many people, causing a rise in depression and an overall feeling of isolation. This aimed to depict a time of hardship for many.

Sometimes windows talk– was made from the growing expansion of the digital sphere, many turned to online meetings,calls and socials to engage with family,colleagues and friends.I became aware of the ways in which the screens we used as entertainment became an extension for us to share, express and commerce with. I found it revolutionary in the ways in which this may shape the near future of social, office and entertainment platforms.