Ego Death Series 1-5

Ink & Digital scan 2020

Ego Death Series

Ink & Digital scan 2020

Language is the root of ego- close your eyes and fade into the void below, for it is infinite in its darkness. The shadow is the splitting of realms. Underneath yet still attached- do not fear the dark for it is made up from all colours. In it is all life. As above so follows bellow, as full inside soon shall hollow. 


Ink Pen and Marker 2019

Breathing Fire

Pen & Gouache 2020

Liquid Visions

Pen & Gouache 2020


Pen & Gouache 2020

Palm Reading

Pen & Gouache 2020

Winds from Wizards

Ink and marker 2019

The figure I name ‘The Wizard’ was a prominent symbol in this automatic  drawing. The checked striped wands on top and bottom frame a storm  in which the wizard guides itself.


Felt pen 2020

I’d like to imagine the infinite as a space that’s creative and ever changing. This is a space that may exist in a temporary vessel, but the energy of imagination allows it to live/change in infinite possibility. 

The second thing that comes to mind is the dualistic motif. This philosophy often consists of two fundamental entities- mind and matter, physical and spiritual. This separation implies a level of conscious awareness or even that the world is run by antagonistic forces, constantly either in rivalry as ‘Good or Evil’. This internal wager is what I’ve chosen to depict in the form of a checkerboard game. An infinite game that is played among all that are human. The game motif is a playful approach to the cycles of life and the routes tested and followed. The dualistic differences allow for awareness, which I imagine to be the sparks of consciousness essentially housing the imagination.

Breath of Air

Ballpoint Pen 2019

Sky of Diamonds 

Ballpoint Pen 2019


Ink and Pen 2019

My process explores the experiential nature of the subconscious within the automatic process. I draw by watching my hand move trying to remain absent from the creation. The works that form act as messages and stories of my own subconscious forewarning and manifesting universal archetypes. 

Visions started as a daily drawing challenge. I was trying to draw as freely as possible honing into shapes and forms that interested me. The imagery reminded me somewhat of unconscious landscapes. I began depicting and exploring collective human consciousness and mark making narratives.

The concentration of mark making led to trance like states- which felt like divine visions. This was through the time I was reading about  a Yaqui Indian Sorcerers and their visions into other realms. Subconsciously appropriating, I played on the excitement of unplanned drawings and the ways in which I found meaning in the marks that appeared like prophecies. 

All the drawings in this short series share themes of human nature, and our temporary interactions with the natural world.



Ink, Pen & Gouache 2019


Ink & Oil paint 2020

Genesis I

Pen & Gouache 2020

Genesis II

Pen & Gouache 2020